Cannon Fish understands that the traceability of our products is paramount to the success of fulfilling our marine stewardship and sustainability objectives. We partner with Trace Register, Parity Corp., and FSE Inc. to ensure that the integrity and quality of our products can be tracked throughout a global supply chain from the source to the end user.

The Trace Register system efficiently manages and shares vital information about products moving through complex supply chains. Documentation is stored in the Trace Register database and can be reviewed by authorized users at any stage in a products journey from boat to market.

Parity Corp. is an industry leading provider of software to the seafood and agriculture industries. Their products ensure that we have the technology to track every ounce of seafood handled by our business.

FSEnet+ is our chosen Global Data Synchronization Network partner. FSE is a leading global provider of supply chain solutions that facilitate exchange of e-business communications to ensure perfect data in every system.

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